Writing Prompt I made for our local writing group.

[WP] “The Colour Red” (from blood to emotions, anything goes, 50-100 words)

“Do you notice anything unusual here, Oskar?” asked Vanya.

“There’s a lot of blood?”

Vanya sighed and rubbed her temples with great force. “The colour. Do you notice the colour?”

“It’s all black.”

The blank stare from Oskar was the last straw. “Red! It’s supposed to be red. Black means blood magic. They are close and powerful.”

Writing Prompts: Fifty Word Science-Fiction Human

Written for Sci-Fi writing community on reddit.

Original Post: Reddit

“Please state the charges against the accused.”

“Inherent Societal Malice. We call for the extermination of all humans.”

Whispers and muffled gasps echoed around the court room.

The Verlachen lawyer discreetly leaned over to his human clients. “Two years at least before they begin their sentencing. I have a plan.”